Marijuana Emojis


Marijuana Emojis

Marijuana Emojis is an adult themed social communications app designed specifically with THC culture in mind. Make your friends laugh and think with these custom emojis in animated GIF and static PNG graphic formats. The app is free to download and contains a selection of free emojis plus access to in-app purchasing of premium galleries. To use an emoji, simply select one from one of the galleries, hold and click to copy. Then with your message platform open, press and hold to paste it into your message. Easy!

We hope that you have a blast and enjoy using the app!

  • Make your comments stand out with our custom adult emojis.
  • Simple to use. Just choose an emoji, hold and click to copy. Just hold and click to paste it into your message. Easy.
  • Share green themed versions of some of the world's most popular emoticon expressions and smiley gestures
  • Send emojis to your friends via your favourite online platform.
  • No limit on the number of times you can use and share an emoticon in a non-commercial manner
  • Amuse your friends, make a statement, stand up for your rights.
  • Include in forum signatures and posts
  • Add emojis as contact images. Just paste the image into the appropriate image field in your phonebook.
  • Images sized at 200x200px.
  • No hidden ads, surveys or similar. Simply enjoy the free emojis or opt to purchase one of the paid galleries. Premium galleries are priced at £1.29/.99 each.
  • Over 50 static graphics and animations for free
  • Hundreds of chracters and stickers in paid galleries
  • Funny faces, hashed out smileys, green skinned, red eyed snoozers. Take you pick from tons of characters, phrases and situations.
  • All emojis are images in the PNG or GIF format. If you can post an image to a platform or send in a message then you can use these.


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